Hey folks,

πŸ’½ My upcoming 10th Anniversary album edition of Believe Half Of What You See… is now available to Pre-Order from my new website store!

The official release date is Saturday 17th April however with the pre-orders you can receive the album much sooner!

A limited album bundle is also available to pre-order including a Signed CD & Poster from me + an Album T-Shirt!

Check them out below ⬇️

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Hey folks,

Jeff Hurst Photography - Seoraksan National Park

Around a month ago I was asked by my friend and fellow We4Poet Stan Ayodeji if I could extend an instrumental piece I released on my very first EP & Album. This is ‘Air Above’ – a delicate instrumental track I originally wrote almost 10 years ago. Stan wished to integrate the piece into his upcoming play ‘Same Stre’t…Diff’rent Day’ running on 26th/27th of this month at the 3 Minute Theatre in Manchester.

Of course I agreed and started working on extending the piece. Originally the instrumental contained only one guitar track so I took the opportunity to add additional instruments whilst re-recording. Take a listen to the finished result here…


Tez Skachill ‘If I Question’ single

Tez Skachill If I Question single

Today, Tez Skachill’s single ‘If I Question’ has been released!

The track was recorded at the SSR, Manchester which was mixed & Engineered by Sara De Clara.

The release will be celebrated tonight at the We4Poets live event @ the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester in which Tez will headline the event.

The single is available to download from Spotify here.