Last Friday’s gig @ First Friday Event – 3rd Oct

Tez Skachill live @ First Friday Event - 3rd Oct 2014

Last Friday I headed on down to Stockport to play the West Heaton Tennis Club’s event ‘First Friday’.

Honestly, because I’ve never played there before, I didn’t know what to expect…but, the event was delightful.

The venue has a real classy function room, a warm-hearted audience and I shared a bill with some very talented musical acts. The guys who run the night (a big shout out to Mike, Nigel & Andy) are extremely professional and friendly which results in a fabulous night to perform and to spectate.

A massive thanks to Jeff Hurst & Wiz for taking some amazing shots as well.

Can’t wait to perform there again.



  1. Hey Tez
    It was great to have you at First Friday on 3rd October and so glad you enjoyed the venue.
    Keep living the dream my friend and we will get you back next year .We wish you the best from West Heaton and your talent as a song writer and performer is there for all to see .Best Mike

  2. Thanks Mike – much appreciated! Your words will continue to inspire and motivate me. The West Heaton is a wonderful place to play & I’m looking forward to playing there again next year!
    All the best,

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